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Kodak Black Shares The Truth About That Red Beam Video

  Feb 11, 2021 16:06
Kodak Black speaks about the video of him being rushed off the stage after a red beam appeared on his clothing.

Kodak Black is officially back, and he's not letting internet narratives rule his life. Admitting that he previously let social media take him over, regularly going live and partaking in some antics, the Florida rapper is on a different path now, separating entertainment from reality in his words.

For the first time since being released from prison, Kodak Black has shared a new video with his fans, speaking about the clip of him performing at a show before he was quickly rushed out of the venue when a red beam appeared on his clothing. Many people believed that somebody was pointing a laser at him, but it could also have been a gun. In Kodak's opinion, it was just an effect added by somebody trying to create a narrative.

"You n***as on some crazy, like, Instagram, phone effects, like, putting beams on my clothes and sh*t like a b*tch had a beam on me," said Kodak in the video. "Nobody's brain even gon' register like that, like, 'let me put a beam on Yak.' But I'm happy though. I'm in a happy space. It ain't none of y'all business why I'm happy for. I've been seeing all this lil crazy sh*t, I'ma let y'all think whatever y'all think. I ain't on no f*ck sh*t. I ain't go through sh*t! Y'all playin' and sh*t. I'm really on some sh*t like separating entertainment from reality. Entertainment is all this entertainment and social media sh*t and all this internet sh*t that y'all on. The reality is you n***as not gon' play with me in real life. I had kind of lost my way and had started feeding into this internet sh*t and had started going live and responding. But it had me like I'm lane-vibing. Every time I try to play with you n***as or politic with you n***as or network, I be feeling like I'm lane-vibing. So I don't even play with you n***as. In reality, you n***as know I'll smush one of you people."

Kodak claims that the video of him being escorted off the stage was edited, stating that the woman that shot the video reached out to him with the original clip and was actually angry that people added the beam effect.

"Ain't nobody put no beam on me," he said. "That was some crazy effect. The girl sent the real video and she was mad that y'all did that to my jacket."

The rapper seems very happy to be free, and fans are glad that he's speaking clearly and in good spirits. Thankfully, his life wasn't in danger and we have the truth about that video.

Watch Kodak's explanation up top.

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Tom Shady
- Feb 12, 2021

Some people come out of prison a different and better person than they were before. This nigga still sound as dumb as he did before jail

Loso 2nicee
- Feb 12, 2021

Not going to register? Bro if somebody wanted to they can easily do it. RIP to Nip, Von, Big L, Biggie, Pac, Snupe, and more. That’s just to show you it’s possible Kodak.

Jarl Sigurd
- Feb 12, 2021

This guy such a clown, he be back in a couple months because he think he a gangster of whatever...

( -_・) ︻デ═一

That was my thought

Lil Durk
- Feb 11, 2021

Whoever did that got Kodak fucked up on 4nem

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