A few weeks ago, Kodak Black shared a series of alarming messages detailing mental and physical abuse suffered during his prison stint. He alleged cruel and unethical treatment at the hands of both Lieutenant F. Arroyo and Me. Santiago Torres, going so far as to warn of his eventual death. The reports were so disturbing that Kodak was ultimately moved to another prison in Kentucky, where his spirits seemed to change for the better. Now, the rapper has come forward to share an update on his current state of mind.


Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"I Was Just Getting Started," writes the Big Stepper, in an unexpected Twitter update. "Ya More To Say But I Guess To Mute Me They Got Me From Round That Shit. SMH, It Is Never The Pain Which Hurts The Most. It’s The Mental Agony Caused By The Injustice and The Unreasonableness Of It All. Besides The Bullshit, Life Is Great." 

A statement applicable to all walks of life, Kodak also offers up a solution to overcome some of the "bullshit"-induced hardships. Basically, it all comes down to speaking up in the face of injustice. Perhaps we're in the process of witnessing a new era of Kodak Black, one that attempts to face societal injustice and actually move to instill change. In the meantime, he continues to serve out his sentence, allegedly working on new music and reading