For months, Kodak Black has been trying to find himself a woman who's willing to settle down and get married. After getting out of prison, he openly told fans that he was down to meet a few wifey candidates, gushing over somebody in his Breakfast Club interview. In the last few weeks, it appears as though things turned sour with his old girl and he was preying on other famous rappers like Nicki Minaj and Young M.A. That may have worked with other women but Nicki is in a committed relationship and M.A has made it clear that she's not into dudes. After some back-and-forth between Kodak and M.A, the Floridian appears to be off of that wave, downplaying all of his flirting during a recent live stream.

As reported by Complex, the "Testimony" artist is distancing himself from Young M.A after he got dragged all over social media. "Bro, c'mon be realistic. I am too fly for that shit," said Kodak about his lust for the female emcee. "And I got too much resources to go that route. Why would I wanna go that route, over there. [...] I was bullshittin', I was just bullshittin', man!" 

After his comments, Kodak tells his fans to leave Young M.A alone because "people be sensitive." From the looks of things, M.A wasn't too bothered over the exchange at all. She took it as an opportunity to push her new music video and enjoy some cognac and pancakes in the morning

There is truly nobody like Kodak Black in the game. The man is a troll but we love him for it. Do you think he's just denying his crush on Young M.A now that he realizes there's no chance of them ever hooking up?

C Flanigan/Getty Images