Whenever Kodak Black goes live on Instagram, it's generally worth your time to check out what the Florida rapper has going on. Ever since he got out of prison a few months ago, the rapper has been enjoying his time on the outside, getting back into performing and meeting some of his most devoted fans. On Monday night, he was sitting in his chauffeured car in traffic when a woman approached the window and started talking to him. She stuck around for approximately three minutes and, thankfully, their hilarious interaction was captured by the cameras.

The rapper was live-streaming when the woman walked up, not realizing that she was talking to Kodak. When a member of his team informed her that she was a few feet away from a superstar rapper, she started to shoot her shot. Revealing that her boyfriend is locked up, she said that she hasn't been intimate with a man in a while, offering to jump into the vehicle and please the rapper. 

After a few minutes had gone by, Kodak's vehicle was holding up traffic, and cars behind him started honking. The fan began screaming at the impatient drivers before the rapper slid off. That wasn't before she handed out her phone number though.

The funniest part about this is that this likely isn't even the craziest fan interaction that Kodak has ever had. Being one of the leading rappers from his state for the last half-decade, Kodak has seen a lot of wild stuff during his time as an artist. This is just one of them. Watch below.