Kodak Black effectively doubles as both an entertaining media personality and a skilled lyricist. When he's not busy cooking up hits in the studio, you can usually find him getting into some antic well documented on his social media platforms. It seems to have been a pretty eventful Easter weekend for the Pompano native, who unleashed his fiery new single "Easter In Miami," and also debuted a new haircut. He also ate a fish eyeball while having Easter dinner, sharing footage of the ordeal he explains will bring him good luck. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The 23-year-old rapper uploaded videos to his Instagram story of the exact moments he faced the fish eyes. Gripping the fish in his hand, he explained, "Imma just go ahead and smack the whole head," before biting down. He can be seen tussling with the fish's skull a bit, shimmying it around to suck both eyeballs out as onlookers in the background watched in awe.

A wave of "Boy, you nasty as hell!" can be heard in the backdrop by his associates, all of which are ignored by Kodak as he finished off the second eyeball.     

After successfully eating the fish, Kodak proudly flexes the empty fish eye-sockets, exclaiming at the end, "Good luck to me!"

He added in a separate post, "They say you eat the fish eyeball fa good luck... well." Kodak has had pretty good fortune in the past few months, so it makes sense his desire to continue this streak.

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