Kodak Black hasn't been shying away from controversy over the past month. Yesterday, he made a pretty bold claim, saying he should be mentioned alongside the GOATS of hip-hop such as Biggie, Nas, and Tupac. He immediately faced backlash on the Internet but as we've learned with the Young M.A. situation, that's not enough for him to backtrack on his comments. The rapper went back on Instagram Live today to double down on his claims that he's on the level of Tupac, Biggie and Nas.

"People tryna say, oh, I can't put myself in the category with Tupac and them," he said on his Instagram Live stream. "Actually, I'm better than them n***as. You know why? Like, 'cause, I live what I rap about. Them n***as was just like -- them n***as was just legends 'cause they died."

Kodak's claims may have turned heads but this isn't the first time he's likened himself to two of the most celebrated rappers in history. In 2016, around the time he released his mixtape, Lil B.I.G Pac, he declared himself better than both Tupac and Biggie, which caused an equal amount of controversy at the time.

Over the past month, Kodak's stirred the pot up quite a bit. He kicked things off by feuding with Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae. Earlier this week, he revealed that he allegedly got into an altercation with Sticky Fingaz. And of course, he's been bugging the hell out of Young M.A..