Shortly after anointing Kodak Black "Donkey of the Day," Charlamagne tha God and The Breakfast Club invited the young Haitian rapper onto the program to discuss his various shots at Lil Wayne and a myriad of other topics. Kodak donned a ski mask throughout. It was a strange interview.

In the past month, Kodak has said "Lil Wayne ain't the best fucking rapper alive, I am" and "Lil Wayne can eat my ass" and expressed a desire to fight Wayne. Charlamagne was eager to broach this topic. "If you want the best rapper alive title, you can't beat Lil Wayne up to get it, you gotta out-rap him," he told Kodak. Kodak did not respond.

Angela Yee successfully a response, if only because she inadvertently irritated Kodak by asking him why he chose to go after Wayne. "I don't even want to talk about it right now," Kodak said. "He's too old."

"Why not rap though?" Charlamagne pressed. Silence.

Later in the interview, Kodak revealed that his first purchase upon being released from jail was some jewelry and 100 condoms. "I had to see what the hot and cold thang do.

"What, the bidet?" Charlamagne tha God responded. (Kodak was talking about Hot and Cold condoms.)

They segued into a spirited conversation about Kodak's uncircumcised penis. Later, Charlamagne read a Bible verse for Kodak. Kodak responded by exclaiming, "I'm Tupac resurrected."

Watch the full interview below.