A couple weeks ago, South Carolina officer Terrence Carraway was shot and killed while responding to three other officers who had also been shot and wounded while serving a sexual assault warrant at a house in South Carolina. The gunman then positioned himself in a vantage point in a second-floor window, giving him a view of several hundred yards away. Sergeant Carraway, along with three other officers, responded to the scene and were attempting to rescue the three wounded deputies when the gunman opened fire on them too, shooting all four. While all four cops were shot, Sergeant Carraway succumbed to his wounds and tragically passed away.

This story made national headlines and apparently stroke a cord in Kodak Black’s heart. In fact, the Florida rapper was so moved by the story that he decided to donate to the Gofund me page of the slain officer. He reportedly donated $2,500 dollars.

Sources told TheBlast that the death of Officer Carraway “made a big impression” on Kodak, and he was especially upset about man’s family now growing up without a father. So he decided to chip and help out.

Kodak actually made the donation under his real name, Bill K Kapri, and was not looking for any publicity, but it’s story like these we like to cover. Since his donation, the gofundme page has almost reached its $60,000 goal, and I'm sure the added attention will only help over the next few days too.