Ever since being granted clemency by former POTUS Donald Trump, Kodak Black has stayed in the public's peripheral view despite not releasing too much new music. The Pompano Beach native confirmed that since being pardoned he's recorded 167 songs, so it's only a matter of time before we begin to see a full rollout effort from Kodak. Until then, the 23-year-old will surely maintain his media presence with his internet persona. The "Thugged Out" artist recently cut off his signature dreads, prompting fans to finally lay to rest the clone fiasco. 

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for TIDAL

The rapper shared a video of himself on his socials sitting in a parked luxury green car and declaring, "I Ain’t Slimy But I’m Grimy Tho." He showed off his new cut in a second photoset featuring the luxury truck and an equally glowing outfit. He added in the caption, "Surgical Bill." 

Fans were surprised to see the platinum-selling recording artist without his signature locs. Some even went as far as to reignite the Kodak Clone speculation, suggesting that he and his clone had finally switched places again. 


"Nah thats the real kodak. He finally got outta jail," wrote one fan on Twitter. "This the real Kodak," joked another oneOthers simply pointed out that they mistook the new footage for an old video since they had grown used to loc haired-Kodak. 

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