At rap concerts, there's always a certain amount of crazy behavior that ends up becoming part of the audience experience throughout the night. However, at a recent Kodak Black show, those kinds of antics brought the performance to a screeching halt.

According to TMZ, Kodak's show on Tuesday (November 14th) at the College Street Music Hall in Connecticut was put on pause because a drunken fan had reportedly to decided to literally get above the crowd. About an hour into the show, the man in question began to climb up a scaffold that was attached to a horizontal lighting fixture while the rapper was performing his hit track "Transportin'," off his Project Baby 2 release. You can clearly hear a member of the security team yell for those on stage to stop the music and, once the noise ceased, the crowd began to yell obscenities at the fan who, by this time, was at the top of the structure. Check out the video obtained by TMZ below.

Needless to say, both fans and members of Kodak's crew were pissed that the performance had to be stopped because of this kind of moronic behavior. The video shows attendees yelling obscenities at the man who climbed up the scaffold, while someone on the stage threw a water bottle at him in an attempt to get him down. Eventually, the fan tried to bolt through one of the venue's back entrances, but police were able to intercept him and place him under arrest for breach of peace. The report states that he was given a summons and told to leave the premises immediately.

In other Kodak Black news, the young emcee has apparently been benefiting from the sage advice from one of Southern rap's icons, none other than Jeezy. "I talk to Kodak Black every other day," Jeezy in a recent interview. "When getting out the streets and you get into the music industry, you gotta understand how that goes," he said. "You can still suffer the same consequences. Now you're a public person. People have the right to have an opinion, or they get the right to look at your past and say, 'Yeah, he is a criminal.'" You can check out his other words of wisdom for Kodak, Tee Grizzley and Lil Durkhere.