The week just started and already, Kodak Black has finagled himself into a new rap beef. Checking Lil Baby over his lyric about money-spreading, Kodak stirred the pot by asking for his rightful credit on starting the trend before Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty attempted to claim that he's the man behind the fad. Pooh posted pictures dating back to the last decade as he tried to prove that he's been spreading money in pictures since before Kodak blew up, which prompted Yak to respond by claiming credit for the rapper's signature "bllrrd" ad-lib

Pooh has deleted his posts about Kodak and, from the looks of it, their issues appear to be dissipating. On Twitter, people have been predominantly siding with Kodak, where the rapper just gave an update on his feud with the "Back In Blood" star.

"I been seeing the admiration dude have/had for this sh*t," tweeted the Florida native. Just a week ago, Pooh told HotNewHipHop that Kodak was among his favorite rappers of all-time. "That's Kinda on me but really tho aint said sh*t to Jit," he continued. 

Seemingly having fun getting people riled up, Kodak then decided that it was the right time to rehash his beef with Megan Thee Stallion. Previously, Megan took credit for popularizing the term "drive the boat" but many have corrected her by saying that Kodak is actually the influencer behind that phrase. Seemingly directing another message at the Hot Girl on Tuesday, Kodak said, "We In Miami On Da Yacht She Wanna 'Drive Da Boat' I Got Her F*cked Up Bout My Lingo She Been Stealing quotes."

Megan and Pooh have not responded to Kodak's recent round of jabs their way. What do you make of all this?