People tend to feel alive upon doing certain, exciting activities. Some gravitate toward extreme sports. Others opt to perform. Some, like Future, apparently, like "taking it." 

In case you haven't heard about the notorious lyric debate, it started when Future dropped a The Weeknd collaboration off Hendrxx called "Coming Out Strong." While the title could have a variety of meanings, there is one in particular that immediately springs to mind. To make matters more unclear, Future dropped a line that had some of the most ardent lyric deciphers questioning what they heard. In the second verse, Hendrxx raps what sounds an awful lot like "only time I feel alive is when I taste dick."

Now that a few months have passed and the line has had time to sink in, only the truly committed remain dedicated to seeking the truth. Luckily for all of those curious fans, Kodak Black has taken it upon himself to get answers, straight from the man himself. In an Instagram Live video, Kodak actually calls up Future directly, so that he can ask him about the oft-discussed "suspect" line.

Before the call, Kodak sort of addresses some of his recent controversial comments, in which he distances himself from Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert while throwing a couple of jabs their way. He also claims he doesn't really fuck with a lot of rappers these days, save for a select few - Plies, Future, Boosie among them. However, the "Coming Out Strong" line has clearly been weighing heavy on Kodak's heart. 

It gets to the point where Kodak actually calls Future up directly, saying "I'm doing this on live, I probably shouldn't even be doing this on live." When Future eventually answers, Kodak wastes little time in getting to the burning question. 

"I'm listening to this song, dawg...what did you say, this part right here?" He goes on to play everyone's favorite lyric, before Future replies, deadpan "the only time I feel alive is when I take." He goes on to clarify that he means a pill, but Kodak's facial expression makes it seem like he's not necessarily convinced. The video ends before the conversation can continue, but at least the line has been more or less clarified.

Check it out here, courtesy of Akademiks.