Kodak Black falsified information on federal forms to purchase a firearm last year, and he's being punished by spending nearly four years in a prison cell.

While he should be educated on his mistake, four years seems way too harsh for a crime of this nature, and Kodak's lawyers are using that as an argument to get the rapper out of prison.

As reported by TMZ, Kodak is going straight to President Trump, as he previously suggested, asking for his sentence to be commuted.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Bradford Cohen and Jonathan Schwartz, the rapper's attorneys, sent a petition to Trump to consider allowing Kodak back out on the streets. Yak's team argues that the average sentence for somebody who commits this crime is eighteen months. Kodak got forty-six months. 

The petition also recalls how the system erroneously placed Kodak as a level 4 criminal, despite him technically only being level 2. 

The same documents go back to the assault that Kodak is being accused of, going after a prison guard. However, since then, Kodak has claimed he was drugged and set up. He is being unfairly punished for that incident and his lawyers are using it as ammo to possibly get him out.

Of course, the recent lawsuit that the rapper filed is also being considered in the petition. Kodak says that he is effectively being torture in prison, being forced to urinate and defecate on himself at times while the guards stand by and laugh at him, causing him humiliation and trauma. He has also allegedly been forced to go onto his knees as he wears nothing but his underwear in execution-style, causing him physical and emotional stress according to the suit.

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While this may not mean anything, Kodak's attorney Cohen was on The Apprentice in 2005, as reported by TMZ, so he may have an in with Trump. Here's hoping that he considers freeing Yak. He doesn't deserve to be treated so inhumanely.