Kobe Bryant's tragic death has left the basketball world in shock. Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash alongside his daughter and seven other victims. In the aftermath of Bryant's death, thousands of fans have made the trek to Staples Center where they left flowers, basketballs, and balloons in Kobe and Gianna's honor. While these tributes are beautiful, it was made apparent by Staples Center President Lee Zeidman that they wouldn't be able to stay there. In fact, the entire memorial in front of Staples was cleaned up on Monday.

The tributes won't be forgotten, however, according to the Associated Press, Kobe's wife, Vanessa, would be receiving many of the items left at the memorial. In fact, some other family members will also be given items. Zeidman recently took to Twitter where he gave a detailed look at what was cleaned up, including 1353 basketballs.

Many of the items found at the memorial were letters and candles. In fact, 25,000 candles and 5,000 letters were collected which just goes to show how beloved Bryant was in the city of Los Angeles. Many of these letters will be delivered to Vanessa Bryant who will get to see just how much Kobe meant to everyone.

Hopefully, these letters can live on forever.