Kobe Bryant merch and memorabilia have skyrocketed in price over the last year. Following his death, many collectors began to hoard as much Kobe-related material as possible, which has led to some pretty wild auctions. For instance, some floor from the Staples Center sold for $600K as it was from his very last game in the NBA. Since that time, other Kobe pieces have sold in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, including his childhood home which went for $800K.

Now, another item from Kobe's childhood has been sold. According to TMZ, Heritage Auctions recently sold the basketball hoop that was attached to Kobe's home for $37,200. When the house was sold last year, the buyer had the hoop removed as it increased the price of the home by too much. This allowed one lucky collector to swoop in and take the legendary piece of equipment.

Basketball Hoop

Image via Kim Glynn

Kobe jerseys and cards have continued to do big numbers over the last few months and with things like NFTs and NBA Top-Shot going bonkers right now, you can expect even more Kobe-related items to increase in price. 

Let us know in the comments below how much you would have spent on a piece of memorabilia like this? Is $37K too much?

Kobe Bryant

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