Ever since Kobe Bryant's tragic passing back in January, many of the items and pieces of history that made him who he was, are now selling for some exorbitant prices on the auction market. Fans have been looking to get their hands on any piece of memorabilia they can find, especially sneakers and jerseys. However, those with just a bit more money than the rest of us have also been looking to grab some truly unique pieces of history. For example, his childhood home in Pennsylvania recently sold for over $800,000.

According to TMZ, the home had a basketball hoop on the side of the garage and this is where Kobe practiced every single day. The seller of the home revealed that the buyer didn't want to pay extra just for the hoop, so instead, the hoop is now being sold at auction through Sales By Helen.

It remains to be seen just how much this hoop sells for although considering the history behind it, some experts believe it could go for a smooth six figures, which would certainly be a large chunk of change. The market for this kind of memorabilia has skyrocketed, even in relation to other big-name athletes like LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

With this piece of history hitting the auction block, let us know how much you would pay for something like this, in the comments below.

Kobe Bryant

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images