Kobe Bryant has shown a willingness to engage with fans on Twitter if it means winning a persuasive argument, especially on all matter pertaining to his legacy as a basketball player. After  Cleveland's 87-79 win against Boston, Kobe tweeted out his praise for LeBron James in the form of a single post entitled "#Lebranium," which to my knowledge is a play on "Vibranium."

What was initially not a self-entitled message turned into one rather hastily. Kobe Bryant is damn near impossible to ignore, and yet the media has omitted him from the ongoing Greatest of All-Time (GOAT) discussion taking place on Twitter and message boards. A case has been made for either Michael Jordan, and up until recently, LeBron James. When the subject is broaches, fans often bring how the players fared in clutch moments, and in those instances, Michael's tally of 6 championship rings often reigns supreme.

In any case, Kobe Bryant's next move after congratulating LeBron for his Game 7 performance was to downplay the debate altogether. He said the debate "can’t be definitively won by anyone." Kobe also stated that one player's legacy can be enjoyed "without tearing (another) down one. Surely there's a point to be made along those lines, the circular nature of the argument is too easy to disprove. Kobe never the less added hasthtags to his Tweet, making a case for himself, LeBron and MJ to govern the same real estate, insisting his 5 championships were uniquely different (see below).