Colin Kaepernick hasn't played in the NFL since 2016 but that hasn't stopped him from receiving universal recognition from those throughout the world. This is all because of his dedication to standing up for what he feels is right. Kaepernick was essentially ousted from the league due to his kneeling protests during the National Anthem of games. Some felt as though he was disrespecting the flag and the troops, which led to some steady backlash against him. Despite all of this, Kaepernick is still working hard to get back into the league and hopes to find a new team sooner than later.

Kaepernick is currently in New York to watch the US Open tennis tournament and today, he was joined by YBN Cordae to watch Naomi Osaka. At one point, Kobe Bryant joined the festivities and could be seen on video dapping up Kaepernick before taking his seat.

It's clear the two have some mutual admiration for one another especially when you consider what Kaepernick has done in terms of charity. Meanwhile, Bryant is one of the GOATs in his sport, so it's no surprise that Kap would have so much respect for him.

As for Cordae, well he's been seeing Osaka for a while now so it's no shock he was there to support her as she won her match in straight sets.