In an effort to help ease the pain of Jordan Edwards' family, specifically Jordan's brother Kevon who was in the car when a police officer shot and killed 15-year old Jordan, Kobe Bryant recently sent an autographed jersey and a couple pairs of Kobe sneakers.

The autographed jersey, which arrived shortly after Kevon's 17th birthday reads, "To Kevon, Do epic things! God bless. Much love!"

According to a CNN report, Jordan and Kevon were driving away from a party when cops arrived to check for underage drinking. The car was moving away from police when officer Roy Oliver, who has since been fired and charged with murder, shot and killed Jordan.

Jordan and Kevon's mother, Charmaine Edwards told the Dallas Morning News,

"It's hard walking past his room, knowing I can't go in there and fuss at him to get up," she said. "Our family will never be the same; the kids will never be the same."