Kobe Bryant is a legend when it comes to the game of basketball and his five championships with the Los Angeles Lakers speak for themselves. He will go down as one of the best to ever play the game and as of right now, he's enjoying retirement by passing down the knowledge he gained during his career. With the Mamba Sports Academy, Kobe has been able to teach the next generation of the sport some of the tricks of the trade and that was on full display recently when he hosted a group of campers.

In the video below, Bryant explains how to "get buckets" and that intricate dribbling drills aren't always the best way to improve. In fact, the key to success is learning how to play without the ball so you can draw the defender away from you and then get open for a shot.

Bryant knew all about getting buckets when he played in the league, even if it took him a bevy of shots to do so. There is almost no better person you could possibly learn from and these kids will certainly remember this advice for the rest of their lives. If any of these campers make the NBA and see any kind of longterm success, they'll owe some of it to Kobe, which is a great thing.

It's always good to see former players giving back in such a way.