Earlier today, new footage of the infamous Kobe Bryant vs Matt Barnes gif surfaced which suggests The Black Mamba was actually standing off to the side when Barnes faked a pass right in his grill during a Lakers vs Magic game back in March of 2010. The alternate overhead angle of the play shows that Kobe wasn't standing directly in front of Barnes as we've all come to believe.

The legendary "no flinch" gif has since been called into question in what has been dubbed #FlinchGate on social media. In fact, the debate has gotten to a point that Kobe himself was asked to weigh in.

According to NBA reporter Chris Palmer, Kobe passed along the following message regarding the play: "You gotta remember I was swaying. He did it and I didn't balk." 

In case you missed it, check out the damning evidence and some of the reactions to #FlinchGate in the tweets embedded below.