In partnership with Nike, Kobe Bryant has launched a new youth basketball league in Los Angeles dubbed the "Mamba League."

According to Fox Sports, the league is comprised of 40 coaches who are volunteers from Nike stores in the Los Angeles area and Boys & Girls Club staff, and a total of 288 players, 45% of which were girls. Each of the coaches went through a training clinic that was equal parts basketball and social-emotional training.

The boys and girls (age 8-10) in the Mamba League used a lowered hoop which Kobe believes will help them focus on their form and build confidence. The league will be celebrating the end of its first 8-week season with a tournament this Saturday, and the plan is to expand to additional locations in 2018.

Check out the video clip below in which Kobe shares more on the league and how his insights and experiences are changing the game for coaches and kids in four LA neighborhoods.