Kobe Bryant is one of the best players to ever step on a basketball court and today, he will be receiving the highest honor in basketball as he will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. There are so many incredible players who have made it to the Hall of Fame, and on Saturday, Kobe will be inducted alongside some of the best players in his era, including the likes of Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett.

On Friday night, there was a ceremony where rings and jackets were given out to the inductees. Vanessa and Natalia Bryant accepted the pieces on behalf of Kobe and on Saturday, his family is gearing up for an emotional main ceremony. 


In fact, if you plan on watching the Hall of Fame induction, you will be able to do so on ESPN. The ceremony officially starts at 5:30 PM EST and Michael Jordan will be the one to introduce Kobe into the Hall. From there, Vanessa will be giving the acceptance speech, and we're sure it is going to bring about a few tears amongst fans.

While Bryant won't be here to witness the ceremony, we're sure he would have been proud of all that he's accomplished.

Kobe BRyant

Harry How/Getty Images