Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest players to ever step on a basketball court and over the course of his careers, he has made quite a few enemies. Sometimes, he has even been able to create enemies out of his teammates. One of the best examples of this, other than Shaq, is Dwight Howard. The two were teammates on the Los Angeles Lakers during the earlier part of the decade and needless to say, it didn't really end well. Howard's Lakers tenure was short-lived and since then, he has bounced around the league.

This season, Howard is rejoining the Lakers on a short-term contract and is determined to prove all of his haters wrong. Bryant is among those who are actually rooting for Howard and let his feelings be known on a recent episode of The Talk. As Bryant explained, Howard is a different player this time around and can prove to be effective.

“I think he’s ready. He’s ready for this next time around, do whatever is necessary to help the team be successful,” Kobe said. “And I think he’ll do it."

There will be a lot of eyes on the Lakers this season especially with LeBron James and Anthony Davis acting as the two superstars on the team. With Howard on the roster as a role player, there are reasons to be hopeful this team can be successful in the long run.