Kobe and Vanessa Bryant have four children together and the youngest is named Capri. At this point, Capri is entering the toddler stage of her development, and Vanessa has been documenting her daughter's progress throughout it all. When you're a baby, there are two milestones that people always look forward to: your first steps and your first words.

Well, over the weekend, Capri was able to hit the former of those two milestones as she took her very first steps. The joyful event was captured and posted by Vanessa on her Instagram page with the caption: "My baby!!!! So proud of my Koko Bean ❤️🤩Capri took her first steps from her auntie Sophie to mama today."


The clip is truly wonderful as we get to see the Bryant family smiling and enjoying life in these hard times. Following Kobe's passing, the entire basketball world was in mourning and many still are. It's truly unfortunate that Kobe wasn't around to witness this moment in Capri's life but we're sure he is somewhere out there looking down with pride.

Meanwhile, Vanessa recently revealed that Kobe's first posthumous book will be released on July 21st and it is going to be called "Geese Are Never Swans."