There are many shady dealings that go on behind the scenes in the music industry, but KXNG Crooked took a moment recently to share a public service announcement directed to men. In a video he posted to his Instagram page just a few days ago, the Slaughterhouse rapper wanted to address an issue that he's witnessed plague the music industry throughout his career. According to Crooked I, it's time for men to stop behaving like predators toward women who are working to make names for themselves in entertainment.

“This is a male-dominated industry, right. Let me tell you something that men need to stop doing: Men need to stop trying to force women to trade sex for opportunities in this industry," KXNG Crooked said. "That sh*t needs to stop—not just in Hip Hop, but I’m talking to the culture right now. As a man, I gotta acknowledge that I got privileges in this industry. They don’t erase my struggles. I’ve experienced racism, hatred, all kind of sh*t in this music business. That’s just facts, but I do have certain privileges that other people do not, like male privileges, heterosexual privileges, able-body privileges... And for that reason, I won’t have certain experiences that other people do in this game."

He added that "men have to stop abusing positions of power" because he's heard horror stories from women firsthand. "Producers wouldn't work with them because they wouldn't go out on dates with the producer. Rappers wouldn't work with them because they wouldn't sleep with the rappers or they rejected their advances," Crooked continued. "I mean, even sexual predator type sh*t. Dudes in the studio session being super touchy-feely, doing some inappropriate, uninvited sh*t."

"Imagine how many women gave up their dreams because they got tired of dudes not allowing them to create and do business in safe spaces? It's lame. Ain't nothin' cool about it, and you don't score no points for oppressing women." Check out KXNG Crooked's video below.

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