If Trae Young falls to #9 in the upcoming NBA Draft, it appears the New York Knicks would be more than happy to welcome him to NYC.

According to The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor, the Knicks "have the hots" for Young and they view him as an ideal fit alongside Frank Ntilikina, as a 2-guard who can run the offense if need be.

The report comes just days after Young's father, Ray, told the New York Daily News that the Knicks are a desirable destination for his son because of his ability to perform under the spotlight.

"That's what Trae lives for. He lives for that type of stuff. Just think about it: He's probably the most talked about, most publicized kid in this draft and he's been through it all," Ray Young told the NYDN's Stefan Bondy. "Trae's been scrutinized to the point that he has thick skin. None of that stuff is going to bother him. He was like the darling of college basketball for three months, and then the last month-and-a-half he turned into a bad guy, for some reason."

"So for him to be in a market like New York and understand that it's all about winning—and if you don't win, there'll be some scrutiny—he's already been through it."    

The former Sooners standout is one of the most intriguing players entering the 2018 NBA Draft and has perhaps the biggest "boom or bust" potential of the incoming class. The 6'2 guard posted 27.4 points per game during his freshman season, as well as 8.7 assists and 3.9 rebounds. Most mock drafts have Young going no later than 8th overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but we're still a month away from the June 21st draft.