New York Knicks owner James Dolan is reportedly "courting offers" for the sale of his team.

The Ringer's Bill Simmons reported on Dolan's mindset during a recent episode of The Bill Simmons podcast, in which he explains, "It’s happening. It’s on. It’s go-time."

Simmons says:

“Multiple people told me this, who know things. James Dolan is courting offers for the Knicks. It’s happening. It’s on. It’s go-time. He’s courting offers for the Knicks. That’s what I heard at All-Star weekend from people I trust.”

“This is what I’ve pieced together. [Dolan] really cares about the buildings and the in-game/in-concert experience. And he wants to put even more money into that,” Simmons explained (H/T Forbes). “The Knicks are just a pain in the ass, people shit on him for it. He feels if he can just sell the Knicks for some crazy price, then he can put the money into that music/in-game experience stuff that he cares about. So, the Knicks are available.”

(Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

Forbes recently valued the Knicks at $4 billion making Dolan's team the most valuable for the fourth-straight year. Furthermore, Forbes reports that the Knicks are tied with the New York Yankees as the second-most-valuable U.S. sports franchises, trailing only the Dallas Cowboys, which is worth $5 billion.

Simmons says, “[Dolan] wants $5 [billion], but he knows he’s not going to get five.” The Knicks are among the worst teams in the league this season with a record of 11-47, just a half-game better than the Phoenix Suns.