The persistent pleas of a sullen NY Knicks landed a fan on the outside of the Garden during last night's contest with the Sacramento Kings. It turns out, James Dolan is running a totalitarian ship over the Knicks Inc. - because when a fan seated in the lower deck rose to find Dolan in the tunnel, sell the team, things didn't exactly as either party had planned.

You really think I should sell the team?" Dolan asked the fan, upon hearing the heckling echo through a then-empty Madison Square Garden. "You want to not come to any more games?" The Knicks owner then asked the disgruntled fan to consider his rude behavior. Once Dolan was safely out of view, MSG security attendants frisked the fan for his ID before instructing him to leave.

As of this moment, it's unclear as to whether the disgruntled fan a "permanent ban" from all Knickerbockers' festivities at the Garden similar to the one bestowed upon Charles Oakley after his now-infamous altercation with MSG security.

Although it does state in the MSG "about column" that any spectator that is "disrespectful to anyone in our venues, we will ask you not to return." Coupled with the fact, Dolan told the ejected fan that he appreciated the support, "and, you know, enjoy watching them on TV." James Dolan: best owner in sports, am I right?