There's a good reason why Klay Thompson was dancing a fool at a nightclub in China earlier this week.

According to Nick DePaula, the 2x NBA champ has signed a 10-year extension that could be worth up to $80 million with Chinese sportswear brand Anta. The new deal, which runs through 2026 includes various incentives as part of the agreement, and dwarfs the $3 million annually he was receiving from Anta.

DePaula writes that Klay, who left Nike for Anta in 2014, first heard about the growing brand thanks to Rajon Rondo.

"I didn't know much about Anta," Thompson said. "One of my agent's clients, Rajon [Rondo], was with them, and he said this brand had incredible potential and that the Chinese market, as well, was something that I could really dive into."

Thompson's new deal, which averages $8 million per year, puts him tied for ninth among the NBA's richest shoe deals, along with Kyrie Irving's Nike contract and Dwyane Wade, who has a deal with another Chinese-based brand, Li-Ning.