Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors faced a worst-case scenario back in 2019 during the NBA Finals as Thompson suffered an ACL injury in the third quarter of Game 6 against the Toronto Raptors. It's an injury that effectively won the Raptors the championship, and Thompson hasn't been back on the court since. The Warriors have been struggling in his absence and it's clear that they desperately need him in the lineup in order to be successful.

Well, according to Bleacher Report, it seems like the Warriors have received some great news. Thompson can now do physical training without any restrictions. This means he will be able to participate in Warriors camp this summer if he so chooses. 

The road to recovery following an ACL injury is never an easy one. Some players struggle to get back to their former selves while others tend to take it easier on the court as a way to not re-injure themselves. When it comes to Thompson, it seems as though his rehab has been going well and there is no denying what kind of an impact he will have for the Warriors once he returns.

Even if your team isn't heading to Orlando, today is a good day to be a Warriors fan.