During Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Klay Thompson tore his ACL which allowed the Raptors to keep the Warriors off the board in the fourth quarter and secure their first-ever NBA championship. Since then, Thompson was given a huge five-year max extension for his efforts and it's clear that the Golden State Warriors are committed to Klay and his unreal shooting talents. This Summer, Klay has been able to enjoy himself as he recovers from his injury. He started the offseason by helping LeBron James film Space Jam 2 and most recently, he was seen chilling with his ex, who he appears to be dating again. 

This past weekend, Thompson showed us once again why life is good as an NBA player, as he flexed a private jet on IG, before hopping on it to go on vacation.


It's unclear how much the private jet cost Thompson but when you consider the deal he just signed, it was probably well within his price range. Thompson has certainly deserved the time off and as the season gets closer, he'll want to be resting up as much as possible so he can get back in earlier.

As of right now, Thompson is expected to be back in the Warriors lineup by February of 2020 so there is still plenty of recovery left to be had.