It's no shock that the Golden State Warriors are a close-knit group and when you've played together for so long, you're bound to crack jokes on one another in a friendly way. Klay Thompson has been seen as one of the easier players to make fun of due to his odd fashion choices and calm demeanor. Over the past few weeks, it appears as though Thompson has been getting back together with actress Laura Harrier and this past weekend, he posted some vacation photos of the two in France.

Without missing a beat, Thompson's former teammate Zaza Pachulia chimed in by saying "Finally somebody love you bro" which led to a witty response from Klay: "no more room for you in my life Za." As you can imagine, Draymond Green also couldn't resist making a comment as he said: "That boy growing up!!"

It's clear that Warriors players, both past and present, love Klay and based on his new contract, they will have to deal with him for the longterm. Green also signed a longterm extension so the Warriors core will be together for a long time. This is great news for the Golden State faithful that were worried about what the departure of KD could mean for their future. 

Perhaps we'll be seeing Harrier courtside at the new Chase Center come October.