Klay Thompson was having the match of his life during Game 6 of the NBA Finals this past season, although he eventually tore his ACL in the third quarter, which allowed the Toronto Raptors to storm back and win the game. It was a huge blow to the Warriors season and now, Thompson will have to be out until at least February of next season. Either way, the Warriors shooting wizard believes the team is still in a great position to continue their dynasty and even said that those doubting the Warriors should take a step back and reevaluate their thoughts.

In a recent interview, Thompson opened up about his injury and said that it is “obviously the most tragic part of sports.” This can be especially true when you realize just how important your ACL is when competing in sports. Thompson also went on to talk about his contract with the Warriors and how he didn't want to pass up such a great offer.


“So it was humbling, but the Warriors showed their loyalty and their respect for me, offering me that five-year deal,” Thompson said. “Jumped on that as soon as I could, just because the history with this team and the franchise it would be so hard to leave.”

Once Thompson comes back, it will be interesting to see how he can help the Warriors on their push for the playoffs. It won't be an easy season but it certainly won't be as bad as all of the pundits are saying it will be.