XXXTENTACION is no doubt a controversial figure. His most recent effort for "Look At Me!" received polarizing responses upon it's release. While many of his fans praised him for addressing racial inequality in America, some other people were appalled by the way he went about it. The controversy that surrounded the video has helped the video garner over 7 million hits on YouTube thusfar and counting. However, it turns out that members of the KKK have gotten around to watching the video and as you could expect, they are definitely not fans of it.

On Instagram, XXXTENTACION posted a video of a voicemail he received from a member of the KKK. While it's unknown how the clansmen got X's number, he left a threatening message for the rapper, saying that he's going to be hunted down for playing with the KKK.

On the post itself, X captioned it "Here's a voicemail for me and my partner left by a KKK member, I have a voicemail where he owns up to being a member of the clan but he says information about my partners business location that I do not want public. However, The video was made to reach these people to show "you" they're response, and it did exactly what it was supposed to, So here my fellow friends and human beings, is a clear threat of murder over an artistic vision, here is the "role model" supremacists some praise so much, here is the the hate that never stays in the public eye."

In the clip, the clansmen is heard saying, "Yeah motherfucker, listen. You got me involved now and I'm gonna hunt that ass down." He says, "You want to kill white people? You want to kill black people? You want to play with the K, motherfucker? We're gonna tear your mothafuckin' ass down, bitch. We're coming for ya" before heckling and hanging up the phone.

It's pretty terrifying, especially considering that the video was a way to bring up the conversation of racial inequality. However, this comes right after right-wing host Alex Jones' did a whole segment on his show InfoWars about X's video, referring to it as "glorifying murder pornography involving children." 

Check his Instagram clip below: