Bow Wow previously revealed that his ex Kiyomi Leslie suffered a miscarriage in a since-deleted tweet that was up long enough for people to be curious on what really happened. Kiyomi felt compelled to share her side of the story and stated how "social media had so much to do with it."

Kiyomi has now linked up with Bossip to clarify her comments about social media causing her miscarriage, explaining what she really meant. "I felt like personally in my mind when a woman has a miscarriage or something that detrimental we start trying to give reasons on why something happens," she told the publication. "[Sociail media] wasn't the reason but in my heart, I felt like 'why did this happen to me.'"

She detailed how the many headlines had her stressing as they alluded to her being a gold digger. At one point Kiyomi even brings up Cardi B referencing a time the rapper shared that her doctor told her to stay off social media because of the stress it can cause. "I still feel like social media can be bad for anybody, not just me," she added. "I think even the strongest people have to deal with their mental health." 

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