Bow Wow and his former girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie were both arrested over the weekend after an assault took place but cops couldn't identify who was the victim and who was the suspect. Both were charged with misdemeanor battery and with $8,000 bonds while Bow was reportedly charged again with Battery Substantial Physical Harm. 

New reports from TMZ detail more on the altercation and according to Kiyomi the brawl started when the couple got home and Bow was upset she was all over another man. The Growing Up Hip Hop star alleges that Bow hit her in her head pulled her by her hair and told her to get out of their home. According to police reports, Bow acknowledges that he was mad about Kiyomi who "disrespected him" by hanging "all over another man's body" and says she called him a "bitch ass n***er" when he confronted her. 

Bow says he simply placed her bags at the door and Kiyomi is the one who got physical when she threw a lamp at his head and then proceeded to scratch his face. 

Cops did find a lamp on the ground and Kiyomi had broken fingernails and red marks on her hands. Kiyomi also claims to have broken three ribs during the altercation. The case is still ongoing. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images