More details have emerged regarding the domestic brawl Bow Wow and his on and off girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie (born Leslie Holden) found themselves in this past weekend. As we previously posted both Shad Moss and Kyomi were arrested after cops couldn't figure out who the victim or suspect was in the altercation. Kiyomi claimed Shad attacked her and dragged her out of the apartment over another man, but Bow said he didn' touch her, he just simply placed her bags outside. 

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Bow was the only one who looked to have been physically assaulted with scratch marks all over his face and now new reports from TMZ have more on the fight.

According to the publication, Kiyomi claims that Bow Wow hit her several times, took her phone away and wouldn't let her out of her bedroom. Apparently, she fled his apartment to call the cops and when the cops showed up the first time, Bow and his friends wouldn't let Kiyomi out of the room - it was allegedly the second time the cops showed up that an arrest was made. 

Both were charged with misdemeanor battery and with $8,000 bonds while Bow was reportedly charged again with Battery Substantial Physical Harm.