New York City-based streetwear brand KITH are the kings of collaboration. They’ve seemingly teamed up with everyone under the sun, but are adding one more brand to their checklist: Coca-Cola. The soft drink maker may not seem like an immediate fit for a streetwear brand, but KITH makes it work. Check out shots from their latest lookbook in the gallery above.

The designs draw from all over Coke’s long history, from their iconic cursive script to the polar bears from their 90s advertisements. Always looking for the esoteric, a number of the designs include Coke’s branding in different languages (mostly Asia). The collections includes sweatshirts, denim jackets, hoodies, tee shirts, hats and pins. There will also be Coke Float option in the KITH Treats section of their stores if you can get to a physical location.

The collection is meant to commemorate the opening of two new KITH stores: KITH Miami and KITH Aspen. It drops tomorrow Saturday, December 31 in store and online and will undoubtedly sell out.