Kirko Bangz Talks About Rihanna & "Bigger Than Me" Album

Mike De Leon
April 21, 2014 14:54

Kirko Bangz talks to HotNewHipHop for an exclusive interview about his forthcoming debut album, "Bigger Than Me", and when we can expect it.

We recently caught up with Kirko Bangz while he was touring out in Washington, D.C., and spoke to the rapper about a number of things currently on his plate. Kirko discussed his recent mixtape Progression 4, and taking a cue from Lil Wayne for the project, specifically being inspired by Weezy for the "Love Rihanna" freestyle. 

Things soon turned to Kirko's forthcoming debut album, Bigger Than Me. The rapper explained the concept and title of the album to us, saying,

"Uh, I always breed with that shit since I was younger when I first started, like my first album would be called Bigger Than Me. But just ironically the way my career went I you know I had “Drank in my cup” and after that I haven’t had nothing big as that record since then. In the mean time I had to take time to learn shit about the game, musically learn how to work with the labels when they give you a record and you aint want to do it. Interviews having good vibes having good energy just with your people I hang around all these things but it all comes back to me learning that this shit wasn’t “Bigger than me”. So it makes more sense for me to have my album named that then I explain on my album where the fuck I been where the fuck I been doing and what the fuck I been going through. You know so it all makes a good 360."

Take a look at the full interview above. Bigger Than Me is slated to drop in June.

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