It’s been a couple months since we last heard from Kirko Bangz. In fact, the last time the Houston crooner impacted our site was back in early August when he dropped off his Progression 17 mixtape, but thankfully that drought looks to be coming to an end soon. Over the past couple days, Young Kirko has been teasing an upcoming new single on Instagram with Tory Lanez & Jacquees called “Work Sumn,” and on Tuesday night he decided to give us a preview of what it sounds like.

“This fine little ten girl, she dancing like a stripper/ I met her on her own, this bitch is as bad as I remember/ baby you got my attention, Your man aint gotta listen/ This aint no competition, let me fuck you in the kitchen,” Jacquees can be heard singing over the Soundmob-produced beat in the clip, or so it sounds like anyways.

Kirko actually first teased the single about a week when he shared a snippet of Tory’s contribution, which you can hear for yourself (below).

Unfortunately there’s no word yet as for when we can expect to hear the final product. I would’ve guessed that Friday would be most likely be the day, but Kirko says they’re still putting the finishing touches on it so it could be another week or more.

“Putting finishing touches on my single “work sumn” w @torylanez n @jacquees Mayne..when this shit drop 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️.. s/o @glassbluntstore #Glassbluntchallenge song produced by @ryu_soundmob @pyro_soundmob,” he captioned his IG post.

This new preview surfaces just a couple hours after Tory Lanez was featured on Massari's new dancehall record "Number One."

Check out the various clips & snippet of the song “Work Sumn” and let us know what you think. Does Kirko have himself a new R&B hit on his hands?