Kirk Knight Recalls Ridiculous Story About Taking Dabs With Wiz Khalifa

Alex Zidel
November 16, 2018 14:12

The first time Kirk Knight took dabs was on the "Under The Influence" tour.

Pro Era is one of the most exciting collectives in New York right now as so many of the acts that associate with the Brooklyn crew are on the come-up. Joey Bada$$ is obviously one of the first names that come to mind but Kirk Knight has been growing his repertoire to be considered one of the top members. He dropped off his new project IIWII today and the early reviews have been pretty solid. It's still being fully digested by his fans but he's definitely evolved since the last time we heard him.

Knight stopped by our offices for the latest episode of How To Roll, telling some pretty hilarious tour stories about the first time he took dabs. Kirk is one of many to have nightmarish memories of their first (and only) time dabbing - his is probably a little more interesting though. It all happened during the Under The Influence tour, which seems incredibly fitting. As he rolled up a Fronto Leaf, he recalled how he didn't have any clue what dabbing even was. When Joey Bada$$ started "coughing up a lung," Kirk was impressed and decided to go for it. Bad idea. He got so high that they came out on stage "on some Ninja Turtles shit" with different color durags and got clowned.

Since that day, he decided he would never take dabs again. He had a massive headache so he's sticking to his New York strains. Sour Diesel, specifically. Listen to him tell the story above and be sure to check out his new project.

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