King Yella took offense earlier this month when Young M.A did a freestyle and said “smoke hooka like it’s tooka,” which he thought referenced slain Chicago teenager Shondale “Tooka” Gregory. Young M.A. swears she only meant marijuana.

But then, King Yella claimed he got in touch with the Brooklyn rapper's management who said she used a ghostwriter and had no idea who Tooka was. King Yella gave his apologies to Young M.A. saying he had no clue she didn't write her own bars.

"Like Young M.A, I'm sorry. It's hurting me because I just found out people write your music for you," he said in an Instagram video.

Visibly upset, Young M.A responded through a live Instagram video to deny King Yella's allegations and offered her apologies to Tooka's family saying she meant no ill will towards the deceased Chicago teen.

The Chicago rapper then apologized again to the "OOOUUU" rapper and saying "keep doing your thang baby girl, never been no hate."