There appears to be some tension between Asian Doll and her ex-boyfriend King Von's sister. Since the rapper's passing, Asian Doll has been remembering King Von with dozens of posts on social media, rewinding through her memories and sharing them with the world. She's even gone so far as to refer to herself as "Queen Von," which appears to be rubbing his family the wrong way.

After Von's sister, Kayla, confirmed that the rapper got another woman pregnant before his passing, Asian Doll spoke out on Twitter and said that she will still always love him. Something she said in her response appears to have ticked off Kayla because she got back on Twitter and entered attack mode, seemingly dissing Asian with a heated rant.

"Wow you bitches really be cap on this internet," said Kayla in one of her tweets. "Ain't no queen Von [laughing emoji] because Von was single... Bitches live a whole fuckin lie & messy af hiding they hand!"

Kayla went on to suggest that her brother moved to a new house in Atlanta because he didn't trust Asian Doll, allegedly refusing to give her his address. She also said Asian was lying about giving Von's mother and kids money, claiming she hasn't sent a dollar. "Fake and using him & his name 2 look good," she said. 

Asian Doll hasn't addressed Kayla's comments. Swipe through the posts below to see what was said.