King Von and Famous Dex have been going back-and-forth for the last few days, originating from a comment that Dex made on social media.

"King Von, you a bitch," said the Chicago rapper. "Suck my dick. You got 6ix9ine going to O Block. Hoe ass n***a. Go get on 6ix9ine ass before you say anything about me."

Yesterday, Dexter pulled a 180-degree spin and decided that, instead of beefing with Von, they might as well just duke it out and put their differences aside in the boxing ring

"King Von... no beef bro. We can get some Socker Boppers. Socker boppers! Socker boppers!," said the rapper on Instagram Live. "I'ma bop your ass. It's not about being scared, it's about being smart."

Apparently, King Von is not scared of Famous Dex because, on Twitter, he reminded everybody that he doesn't need a gun in his hands to be tough. 

"For everybody that don’t kno me I been beating ass my whole life," said King Von. "In and out of jail. And I hit hard as hell. I’m jus throwing this tweet out there. Carry on."

Perhaps he was just throwing that out there but we all know the intended target of the post: Famous Dex. While he did not directly accept or decline Dexter's challenge, it looks like he's definitely open to working something out to prove that he can knock down anybody in his path.

Would you watch a pay-per-view bout between these two Chicago rivals?