In December 2014, King Louie got two OVO-inspired tattoos -- the label's signature owl next to one ear as well as an image of Drake's "6 God prayer hands" beneath his other ear. Though Louie, aka 6 God Tony, and Drake are friends, it's never been confirmed that Louie has any business ties to the Toronto label. Regardless, he's certainly not regretting those tattoos -- especially the owl. 

On December 23, Louie was shot 7 times in Chicago, including once in the side of his head, millimeters from his owl tattoo. Thankfully, Louie has made an incredibly speedy recovery, and he's already given a series of video interviews regarding the near-death scare. In his latest, with RevoltTV, he provided an account of the shooting, and he went on to explain that he believes the OVO owl saved his life: 

"The owl saved my life, though. If it had hit me where the owl was, I would've died probably. I told Drake that on the 'gram. Bro, the owl saved my life." 

His faith in the owl's saving powers intensified while he was in the hospital, as he continued to witness the birds of prey on the hospital television.

"It was hella owls just poppin' up...every show for an hour -- like we'd turn the channel, we kept seeing owls," explained Louie. "What the fuck is this, a sign? Me and her Googled, like, 'what's the significance of owls?', and it was just like a bunch of stuff. Like damn, the owl saved my life, man. Like foreal, foreal. No bullshit." 

Elsewhere in the interview, Louie discussed meeting Minister Farrakhan as well as how he plans to move away from Chicago until he can rise to the level where he'll be properly protected as he moves about his hometown. Watch below.