King Louie and his record label Lawless, Inc, both based out of Chicago, are now entered in a messy feud over $50,000. The "breach of contract" lawsuit is being tabled by King Louie. He claims that his parent label created a faulty distribution deal out of thin air. This supposed made-up clause gives Lawless, Inc full authority to seek distribution contracts with other companies without asking for Louie's consent. Furthermore, King Louie claims that their agreement, faulty clause notwithstanding, has since expired. Both sides seem to differ in opinion on the length of the contract or its equivalent sum in work submitted.

The $50,000 total that Louie is seeking, is due to cover royalty payments that are proportionate with "significant air time and digital play and otherwise generated significant purchases by the general public."

The first order of business for Louie is to seek a judgement out of court, which would provide him access to Lawless, Inc's financial transcripts. That action alone would provide him documentary evidence. Any speculation of financial malpractice would be baseless at this juncture of the case. Keep it locked for updates as they become available.

[via ChicagoSun-Times]