Coming fresh off the release of his brand new mixtape, Jeep Music, King Louie is making headlines tonight for allegedly hiring a woman to attack another female associate on film in order to "promote himself as a rapper".

Jazmine Berry is claiming that Epic Records recording artist, King Louie, invited her to his home in early June for breakfast. Berry says that another woman, Josephine Conley, then arrived to Louie's house after she had already been there. Berry's lawsuit states that Louie and Conley falsely accused her of stealing a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses. For that, Conley then began punching Berry in the head, pulling her hair, grabbing her by the neck, and throwing her to the floor. She alleges the entire incident was filmed for the purpose of gaining attention for Louie online.

Berry claims two other people were on site of her assault, but stood in the background laughing at her while neither tried stopping the fight. You can hear Berry in the video asking "You just gonna let her do this to me,”, while a male witness responds "I don’t know what ya’ll got going on. She said you took something from her.”

Berry also claims that her and Louie have been longtime friends, and that she has never met Conley prior to that day. Berry is suing both Louie and Conley in Cook County Court. She seeking more than $1 million in damages for battery, conspiracy, emotional distress, and defamation. Epic Records was not named in the suit. 

Check out Louie's tweet and visual below.