King Los left many fans surprised when he announced that he would be parting ways with Bad Boy. Initially, it was unclear if he and Diddy were still on good terms. HNHH was able to catch up with the rapper following his listening party in New York, where he cleared up any rumors about the situation.

"It was more of an amicable thing," said Los, indicating that he and Diddy are just looking to pursue their own ventures. "Two different endeavors. People sometimes moving so fast in their own direction that they don't want to hold each other back. It's nothing personal. I want the best for Puff. I know he wants the best for me." 

The Baltimore rapper also revealed that he and Diddy may still work together in the future. "I want to see Revolt become the #1 network. I want to be on there!" he exclaimed. "He offered me to be on there and to work with him to. I want him to do great, and I know he want me to do great, and sometimes in order to to do that, you gotta go and establish things for yourself."

"Los then spoke about his plans for the new year, in which he'll be releasing a new mixtape. "In 2014 I just intend to inspire a lot of people and motivate a lot of people," he said. "Success and all that-- it comes with the territory... we want plaques and all kinds of awards and stuff too... but at the same time it's more important to inspire someone. 

Watch the full interview with Los below, and look for his upcoming mixtape, Zero Gravity 2 March 24th.