King Los has been watching hip-hop titans duke it out from afar. Not only have revelations of Drake's penchant for purple demon emojis come to light, but Eminem single-handedly waged a Frank Castle style war upon the game. It's no wonder a talented lyricist like Los felt compelled to come out and play. After teasing a return, Los took to Instagram to share what he has been cooking up. Clearly, the man has drawn inspiration from Eminem, opting to lay caution to the wind and rap his ass off. The track, titled "Purple Devil Emoji Flow," can see previewed below.

"I'm strange fruit, I'm super black," kicks off Los. "Misunderstood, I'm used to that, my loud mouth and my hand gestures just a reflection of my ancestors." As the percussion kicks in, Los quickens his flow, spitting lines like "you know the deal when I show out, I'm from the block where the pills and the snow out," grounding his more metaphysical offerings in a tangible setting. Overall, the track sounds like a genuine banger, and we can't wait to see what Los has in store upon dropping the full version.

"I'm the best rapper," signs off Los. "Ok bye."